Tampa Home Security

Home security is an essential option that homeowners should use to continually reduce risks of theft and intrusion. Strada Security provides Tampa home security to ensure homeowners aren’t victimized and provide them with peace of mind. With several security formats at their disposal, Strada can thoroughly protect and secure your home, irreplaceable items, and loved ones. By taking this step and installing a home security system, you’ll never have to worry about your home while you’re away again with the many security measures Strada provides for its customers.

24-Hour Central Monitoring

The 24-hour central monitoring system Strada Security provides to its customers is the best way to ensure your Tampa home security is never compromised by any external issues. These issues occur when power, the Internet, or even phone lines are down. The 24-hour system remains unaffected in these instances because they are powered by a dedicated cellular connection. With three monitoring systems available across the country, Strada will always be able to monitor your home’s security. Even if the power happens to go out at any of these locations, each center is backed up by two generators. These centers are also all connected to one another, meaning you’ll always be covered should one location go down.

Our Team

To provide homes with the best security possible, Strada requires their employees to go through difficult training and become certified. We want to provide the best security there is for you and your loved ones, making these requirements essential to the protection of your home. New technology and devices continue to join the home security world, and Strada ensures their staff will continue to keep up with these updates and services to always provide the best home safety available.

Two-Way Voice Verified Monitoring

With two-way voice verified monitoring, customers are given many options to add to their home security. This voice system enables you to communicate with operators, hands-free while in your home and no phone is necessary. If your alarm happens to activate, our operators can speak with you the entire time while help is on the way. Immediate assistance is available to have authorities or fire departments contacted should you require them. In the event of a false alarm, homeowners can quickly notify operators of the situation with security verification and halt any further security services instantly.

Strada Security prides itself in providing homeowners with the best security available. With our central monitoring, strong team, and two-way monitoring system you’ll know you’ve chosen the right company to protect your home. These security measures reduce your risk of break-ins and provide you with peace of mind. In order to increase your home protection, contact Strada Security at 877-906-7772 to begin your Tampa home security installations today.