Take Control of Your Energy Costs

Running air conditioning throughout the year can become a costly expense, especially with Florida’s constantly warm to hot climate. Houses are continuously using AC to cool down their homes, as it’s impossible to maintain lower temperatures here. For this reason, energy costs are high, and homeowners are forced to put up with them. Fortunately, Strada Security, an Orlando home automation company, has a way you can take control of your energy costs. Alarm.com offers home and business owners the ability to control their thermostats no matter where they are. At any time, you can easily control temperatures with any smart device.

Smart Temperature Control Options

Alarm.com offers top-of-the-line options to owners with remote thermostat systems. By connecting through Alarm.com, you can view and control your home’s temperature from any location. You’re also given the ability to make your own temperature schedules so air conditioning isn’t running and wasting energy while you’re away from home. The system is so sophisticated, it’ll even send alerts to the owners if there has been a change in the settings. These options enable you to keep a close watch on the thermostat and ensure you’re doing everything you can to save on energy costs.

Sync Settings to Your Lifestyle

The system is smart enough to change temperatures based on whether you’re home or not. They will rise when you’re gone and lower when you’re home. Each day can even have its own separate temperature settings as you won’t always be away from home every day. You can also manually change the thermostat even if you have preset any temperature schedules in advance. This type of Orlando home automation gives you complete, easily-accessible control over all aspects of your thermostat.

Geo-Services Automation

Technology has grown and advanced so much that temperatures will adjust for owners depending on the location of their smartphones. As our smartphones never seem to leave our side, their location helps set thermostats when you either leave or arrive home. It uses your location from the smartphone to adjust these temperatures automatically for you, saving energy and providing you with comfortable air conditioning as you walk through the front door.

Advancements in thermostat controls have given homeowners better ways to take control of their energy costs. Scheduling temperature changes and using accurate smartphone locations gives homeowners great ways to cut down on energy costs throughout the year. We specialize in Orlando home automation, and we’ve been helping homeowners keep energy costs low. Don’t hesitate to have this smart system installed in your home or business, and contact us at 877-906-7772 to get started today.