Staying Connected and Safe Across the Miles

For grown children with elderly parents that live far away, it can be tough not knowing whether they’re safe or not. With modern technology, there are ways family members can keep an eye on the elderly without having to live nearby. The same can be said for parents wanting to keep a caring eye on their young children. Video monitoring systems can be installed and used to check in on loved ones that may need close observation. These monitoring systems can also be used to view pets and children while you’re away at work. Strada Security is among the top Orlando security companies in Central Florida, and we want you to know how video monitoring can benefit you.


As parents get older, they begin to have a harder time getting around. Because of this, they spend much of their time at home, which is why installing a video monitoring system is so important. Accidents, as unfortunate as they may be, will typically happen more often in their own home. Keeping an eye on your loved ones helps you know how they’re doing and allows you time to make proper calls should an accident occur. Aside from the obvious concerns of your parent’s wellbeing, you’re also able to see them whenever you want, even from long distances. Video monitoring aging parents shouldn’t be thought of as invasive, but instead as a way to stay connected with them.


Parents with children that arrive home from school while they’re still at work should also consider investing in a video monitoring system for their home. With one of these installed, you’ll have the ability to check in and make sure they’ve made it home safely. Once they’re home, you can choose to continue to check on them and ensure they’re behaving or doing their homework or other chores you may have asked them to do before you get home. Orlando security companies like us know how important peace of mind is to parents, and video monitoring systems provide this to them.


Homeowners who love their pets but are away for most of the day due to long work hours may have pet sitters or dog walkers that care for their pets while they’re working. A video monitoring setup allows you to ensure they’re being properly cared for and gives you control to review their service.

Being able to monitor your loved ones provides you with long distance security, making it the best way for you to feel at peace. Strada Security, an Orlando security company, is there to help homeowners improve the safety and security of their home in all ways. If you decide to have a video monitoring system installed, call us at 877-906-7772, and we’ll take care of everything for you.