Protect Your Security System from Being Hacked

Security systems are installed to make owners feel protected and safe while they’re at or away from home. But just having one installed isn’t enough to ensure you’re always protected. Unfortunately, there are people out there that choose to infiltrate home security systems, which includes their cameras, by hacking into them. If your system is hacked and access to your cameras is gained, all your privacy and safety could be violated. Although Orlando security systems may be susceptible to potential hacking, there are some ways you can improve your system to prevent this from happening to you.

Password Strength

It may go without mentioning, but using and choosing a good, strong password can be a good defense against hackers. Surprisingly, there are still several people who decide not even to grant open access to their Wi-Fi, which can be used to enter your camera system. Personal and private information is stored on your network, and this easy access allows anyone to view them freely. Another easy way hackers can enter your network is if the default password wasn’t changed from the beginning. By making a new password for your Orlando security system, you’re minimizing your chances of being hacked. Always make the password hard to guess and avoid using personal information.


When your security system is installed, the most up-to-date firmware is used to help prevent any possible hacking. Unfortunately, hackers may eventually find ways past your current firmware making them rather useless. To keep this breach from being an issue, it’s advised that owners continually stay alert when new firmware is available to continue keeping hackers out. These updates for your firmware are important and shouldn’t be disregarded as they’re basically an invisible layer of protection against cyber intruders.

Remote Camera Viewing

Having a security camera system that enables homeowners to view it while they’re away from home is a useful tool and should be used if it’s available. Even though this is a great feature, it can still be exploited. Because these remote features are usually used through an app on mobile devices, most users remain logged in as their password is remembered for future uses. As long as the feature is on and you stay logged in, hackers can use this to gain the same remote access you have. That’s why it’s important to continually log out when you aren’t using the feature and don’t choose to allow your device to remember your password for next time.

These are just some ways Orlando security systems could be infiltrated by hackers. Strada Security strongly advises homeowners to use these tips and look into more ways that could help better protect your security system. Strada Security offers several security services for anyone looking to install or even improve their current system. When you’re ready to upgrade your home protection, contact us at 877-906-7772.