Orlando Home Security

Improving your Orlando home security is a great way to keep you, your loved ones, and precious possessions safe at all times. Strada Security has worked hard at installing, increasing, and updating home security for over the past ten years. Unfortunately, crime rates are high, and the best way to counteract this issue is by outfitting your home with all the proper tools to keep it well protected. There are several different services and security systems available to homeowners that can help prevent any future break-ins from ever occurring.

Video Cameras

Our state-of-the-art cameras provide homeowners with several useful features. Among them is their ability to sense motion and turn on the instant it notices movement. This feature can also be integrated with the lighting system and turn them on as well based on motion. These cameras can be viewed by you at any time and will even notify you when one has been activated. Night time activity won’t be an issue to record as these cameras are installed with infrared technology. Strada’s expert technicians know exactly where to install these cameras, and with their pan and tilt function, they can be adjusted from anywhere with any smart device.

Structured Wiring

For homes being built or renovated, this option is wise to take advantage of. Structured wiring is installed without the annoying cables running throughout your home. This system is intended to benefit the owner with all the options of Internet, cable and other electronic resources from anywhere in the house. Access points are installed throughout the home and provide these connections in any room you desire. Strada has the Orlando home security experts that know how to design, install, and maintain this network.

Home Automation

Probably the most appealing form of home security is home automation. This system not only provides your home with excellent security but also allows you to control with nearly any smart device. With the Alarm.com app, homeowners can adjust their lighting, change their air conditioning setting, take control of the audio system and much more. These systems give owners the peace of mind they’re looking for with added benefits in convenience and home comfortability.