Kissimmee – St. Cloud Home Security

New technology is becoming available each passing year for home security. Strada Security knows how important it is to stay up on these advances to keep your home as best protected as possible. Strada ensures your Kissimmee-St.Cloud home security is up to date in all aspects, so you never have to worry about missing out on any improvements. The Internet has become a vital component in home security in recent years and enables security companies like Strada to stay ahead of potential break-ins. A bonus to integrating the Internet into your home security is that it offers so much more than standard home security systems have in the past.

Home Network

With a home network, homeowners will benefit in not only how well their security system runs but also how it uses the Internet to make home life easier. Installing a home network doesn’t just provide you Internet access but uses that function to connect important systems around your home, so they work together effortlessly. With the use of a Home Connection Center, Strada Security can keep all your cables and wiring located in one space making it easy for you or Strada technicians to access everything without running into any obstacles should an issue arise.


By having your Kissimmee-St.Cloud home security system effortlessly connected, you’re given several options you wouldn’t have available through a standard security system. Since your system is connected to mostly all relevant electrical aspects in your home, homeowners can use this feature to control their energy usage. Your thermostat and lighting can be adjusted while you’re away from home to help reduce electrical costs and deter any risks. By altering your lights, you can make it appear as if you’re home when you’re away for any extended period. Many security systems today provide video cameras to homeowners. With a home network, they can be accessed from anywhere, enabling you the ability to check in whenever you’d like. All these features give homeowners the peace of mind they’ve always been searching for in a home security system.

Strada Security has provided Kissimmee-St.Cloud home security for over ten years and will continue to do so with the highest integrity. It’s our job to ensure your system performs at its best around the clock to keep you safe. If you’re looking to install or update your home security system, contact the Strada Security professionals at 877-906-7772 for a free consultation today.