Home Automation

Make your home smarter than ever with cutting edge home automation technology. Did you remember to lock your door? Did you forget to turn the temperature up before you left for work? Away on vacation and you forgot to leave a light on? Want to control your home’s audio system from the couch? Control your home from your smartphone, anywhere at any time. Home automation can save you time, money, and stress.

Save energy and stay comfortable without compromise. Our Energy Management Solution connects all your devices into a responsive system that helps you save automatically. Control your smart thermostats, lights, and sensors in a single app, and get instant alerts when the temperature changes. Get truly smarter savings with an Energy Management Solution that combines easy to use automation, location-based optimization, intelligent learning, and triggered automation.

The Smart Thermostat allows you to set location-based rules using Geo-Services. Your thermostat can dial down to an energy-saving temperature when you leave and begin re-adjusting to the perfect temperature when it senses that you’re on the way home.

Several devices with application open

With home automation, you can:

  • Control your home’s entertainment system from any room
  • Immediately receive alerts when your security system is triggered
  • Create an automatic lighting schedule – program lights to turn off or on at specific times, upon entry to the home, or in the event of a system trigger
  • Control door locks from anywhere, anytime
  • Remotely open or close your garage door – during an alarm trigger event or just to save energy based on the temperature of your home
  • Create access codes to control and monitor entry into your home and receive notifications of when those codes are used

Home automation is perfect for people with multiple properties. You can’t be everywhere at once. If you have multiple short-term or long-term rental units, having the ability to lock and unlock doors and control systems with in the home is an invaluable timesaver. Keep an eye on your vacation home year round and be confident in the status and safety of your property.

With home automation, your home’s entertainment system will never be the same. Control volume, switch tracks, and play music through your whole house from your smartphone. We have multiple options for speakers and audio systems that will enhance your home to new levels.

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