Frequently Asked Questions

My alarm panel keeps beeping and I can’t turn it off.

If there is a status button or alert button on your keypad, press that to acknowledge the trouble condition or alarm memory. If the issue has resolved itself, the panel will clear and the beeping will stop. If the issue persists, then a call in for service is necessary.

The app on my phone no longer works.

Try uninstalling the app and then reinstalling it. If that does not work, then a call in for service is necessary.

My alarm went off and the central station never called me.

The alarm panel has a built in dialer delay to cut back on false alarms. If you set your alarm off on accident and the panel is disarmed before the dialer delay has expired, then the signal will not be sent to the central station. Also, if the signal does go through, but the central station sees a disarm command, they will also disregard the alarm.

My cameras were working, and now they are not showing up on my app.

If you have changed Internet providers, then the information going to the camera will be different and it will no longer show up on the network.

If you have not changed internet providers, then power cycling your router is also another option. If that does not work, the last option would be to power cycle the camera if you know where the camera’s transformer is plugged in. The final step, if all of those have failed, would be to call in for service.

How long will my siren go off for if the alarm is set off?

By default, the average siren shut off time is four minutes.