Find the Right Home Security Solution with Strada Security

Orlando security systems are an important part of the overall safety of a home. The trick is finding the right security company for your home or business. Strada Security offers several home security options and is more than willing to be there for any in need of installing or even updating their security system. Strada Security specializes in home security solutions throughout Orlando, making us the right choice for all your security installations.

New Homes

Homeowners moving into a newly-built house or doing some remodeling may see it as the perfect opportunity to have new security systems installed. Using structured wiring is exactly what homeowners would be looking for if they want to hide all cables and cords. The structured wiring system creates a Home Connection Center that gives homeowners and security technicians easy access to a small security panel for maintenance, updating, and troubleshooting. Structured wiring not only provides homeowners with security, but also gives access to cable, Internet, and phones all throughout the house. In order to make all this possible, the Orlando security systems experts at Strada Security create access points across your home.

Existing Homes

For those already in a home without a security system, there are ways Strada Security can integrate systems into your home. Designing and installing home security solutions is what Strada Security specializes in, and we enable homeowners to even change and update the system over time. These systems provide you with security alerts sent directly to your phone, remote controls on lights and door locks, motion detectors, window sensors, and more. These security solutions are exactly what existing homeowners are looking for to improve the security of their home.


Interactive security systems are the perfect security solution for businesses. Strada Security offers the best ways to protect your business while you’re away by giving you control and monitoring options through mobile devices and computers. These complete security systems empower owners to manage their security from any location. You won’t have to wonder whether your business is secure in the off hours anymore with our complete security options and installations.

It’s important to invest in your home or business’s security to keep them safe around the clock. Take the time to consider all security options, and learn how far they’ve come over the years. Strada offers Orlando security systems to upgrade or improve homes and businesses. Contact us at 877-906-7772 for any questions or concerns you may have about security installations.