Avoid a Home Invasion by Improving Your Garage Door Security

Garage door security is much more important than most homeowners realize. Several burglaries that occur typically start from intruders gaining access to the garage. Once they’re inside the garage, there are multiple ways they can enter your home. It’s unfortunate that this is exploited, but sadly it does happen. Strada Security, an Orlando home security company, wants homeowners to be aware of the dangers in the lack of garage door security and what they can do to improve it.

Secure Garage Remotes

It’s very common for homeowners to leave their garage door opener inside their cars. The problem with this is that burglars know this and will use it to their advantage. If they manage to get into your car parked just outside your garage, then they’ll easily find a way into your garage. It’s always important to lock your car doors for these reasons, but you should also keep the door opener in a secure place to further prevent this from happening.

Bolt Your Doors

Most owners wouldn’t think to bolt their garage doors, but it’s an efficient technique used to keep home invaders out. If by chance a burglar does get a hold of your garage opener, bolting the door will keep them from entering. These bolts can either be locked manually or remotely with newer automatic ones available. Having this bolt firmly in place essentially disables the garage door and prevents intruders from getting any further in their break-in attempt.

Keep Doors Locked

It’s a common misconception that just because your garage door is down, you don’t need to lock your door leading from your garage into your house. Several homeowners neglect the fact that there are many ways burglars can easily get into their garage and from there, enter their home. Leaving this door unlocked only makes the break in easier and ultimately renders this door useless if it isn’t locked. Strada Security has been improving Orlando home security for years and can’t emphasize enough how important it is to keep your doors locked at all times.

Garage doors have been a popular way for home invaders to enter properties for years. Strada Security wants to help improve your Orlando home security to prevent a break-in from happening to you. These tips along with the garage door opener equipment will help avoid any intrusions. If you’re concerned about more than just your garage door security, you can contact us at 877-906-7772 to look into upgrading your security today.

3 Benefits of Automating Your Home

Home automation has been improving over the years and making lives easier for homeowners. These systems provide several benefits that make standard home security systems look outdated. Instead of focusing on one aspect, they allow homeowners to utilize several options that improve not only their home security but also tasks in their daily lives. Strada Security has been installing home automation in Orlando for over ten years and knows just what benefits customers will be interested in seeing.

Save Money

Aside from all the high-tech upgrades home automation brings to the table, a great selling point for these systems is in how much they’ll save you on electrical bills. With home automation, owners can create schedules for their lights and air conditioner system that helps keep unnecessary energy usage down. Thermostats can be programmed and even learn how to adjust your temperatures over time. Lighting can also be scheduled and set up to turn off based on lack of movement. With home automation, owners can access their system remotely and make changes from away from the house, giving them complete control wherever they may be. These forms of energy saving can decrease your yearly electrical costs more than most would think.

Property Value

A bonus to installing home automation, is the increase in property value. Since home automation doesn’t just provide security, homes with this system already installed are rather appealing. Home automation can not only decrease energy costs and increase home security, but they also offer several functions intended to improve convenience in the home. Home automation turns your house into a smart home and enables it to access many areas with Internet capabilities. From security systems to home entertainment devices, home automation allows owners to control them with their phone or other smart devices. These features appeal to both younger and older demographics as the security and Internet components are major selling points for each of them.

Upgraded Home Security

Home automation provides homeowners with many updated forms of security. Exterior doors can be locked, lights can be controlled, video monitoring can be accessed, and several other useful features are included in these systems. The great thing about all these features is how owners can access them all remotely. With the use of an app, you’ll be granted the ability to control these functions from anywhere. They even include motion detectors that will activate as soon as movement is detected.

With over 10 years of experience, Strada Security has been successful in recruiting well-trained technicians that know what’s best for your home’s security. Home automation in Orlando gives homeowners peace of mind and convenience that allows them to live comfortably. If you’re interested in taking advantage of these great benefits, then contact us at 877-906-7772 for a consultation today.

Advantages of an Alarm System on a Business Insurance Policy

Investing in an alarm system for your business is important to its protection and prevention of losses. Many business owners may not see the point in having an alarm system if they don’t think they have anything worth taking. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case because burglars will find something worth stealing if they choose to break in. Even if nothing important was stolen, the idea of someone breaking into your business is a scary thought. Orlando business alarm systems can provide owners and employees with peace of mind, protection, and added benefits like insurance. Business owners can protect their business and save on insurance policies, making alarm systems even more desirable.

Lower Insurance Rates

Without an alarm system installed, businesses increase their chances of potentially being burglarized. Insurance companies will have higher, premium rates for businesses that choose not to use an alarm system as the risk of loss are higher. Some owners may not like the idea of paying for an Orlando business alarm system, especially if they think they aren’t at risk of theft. But paying for a security system will not only protect your business but also keep your insurance rates low. Several insurance companies provide discounts to businesses that have alarm systems installed. Alarm systems decrease your chances of a break in, and insurance companies reward these lowered risks with reduced insurance rates.

Fire Alarm Systems

Although fire alarms are typically mandatory for businesses, they still add insurance benefits to owners. Depending on the extent of how elaborate your fire alarm system is, insurance companies may offer more benefits. Keeping your risk of fire down enables insurance companies to keep your costs low and save you money annually. The more you do to decrease the likelihood of loss in your business, the better policy you’ll receive from your insurance company.

Strada Security specializes in Orlando business alarm systems as well as several other security installations. Keeping your business guarded with an alarm system is essential to loss prevention and protection in addition to the benefits of a lowered insurance policy. At Strada, we have the ability to protect your business with monitoring systems, motion detectors, sirens and more along with smoke and carbon dioxide detectors to reduce fire risks. Contact us today at 877-906-7772 to begin your alarm system installations today.

Protect Your Security System from Being Hacked

Security systems are installed to make owners feel protected and safe while they’re at or away from home. But just having one installed isn’t enough to ensure you’re always protected. Unfortunately, there are people out there that choose to infiltrate home security systems, which includes their cameras, by hacking into them. If your system is hacked and access to your cameras is gained, all your privacy and safety could be violated. Although Orlando security systems may be susceptible to potential hacking, there are some ways you can improve your system to prevent this from happening to you.

Password Strength

It may go without mentioning, but using and choosing a good, strong password can be a good defense against hackers. Surprisingly, there are still several people who decide not even to grant open access to their Wi-Fi, which can be used to enter your camera system. Personal and private information is stored on your network, and this easy access allows anyone to view them freely. Another easy way hackers can enter your network is if the default password wasn’t changed from the beginning. By making a new password for your Orlando security system, you’re minimizing your chances of being hacked. Always make the password hard to guess and avoid using personal information.


When your security system is installed, the most up-to-date firmware is used to help prevent any possible hacking. Unfortunately, hackers may eventually find ways past your current firmware making them rather useless. To keep this breach from being an issue, it’s advised that owners continually stay alert when new firmware is available to continue keeping hackers out. These updates for your firmware are important and shouldn’t be disregarded as they’re basically an invisible layer of protection against cyber intruders.

Remote Camera Viewing

Having a security camera system that enables homeowners to view it while they’re away from home is a useful tool and should be used if it’s available. Even though this is a great feature, it can still be exploited. Because these remote features are usually used through an app on mobile devices, most users remain logged in as their password is remembered for future uses. As long as the feature is on and you stay logged in, hackers can use this to gain the same remote access you have. That’s why it’s important to continually log out when you aren’t using the feature and don’t choose to allow your device to remember your password for next time.

These are just some ways Orlando security systems could be infiltrated by hackers. Strada Security strongly advises homeowners to use these tips and look into more ways that could help better protect your security system. Strada Security offers several security services for anyone looking to install or even improve their current system. When you’re ready to upgrade your home protection, contact us at 877-906-7772.

4 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

Many homeowners have the same initial thought about home security systems and choose not to install one because of the cost. Although they may not be the cheapest component to add to your house, they’re certainly more affordable now and offer even more than before. Technology continues to grow more and more every year, which allows Strada Security, experts in Orlando security systems, to provide the best protection homeowners are looking for. We understand the importance of safety, which is why we want to explain why installing a home security system is so vital.

Medical Aid

Several families may have family members with certain medical conditions that could create the need for immediate medical assistance should an issue arise. Whether you have elderly parents, loved ones with special needs, or even family members with critical health conditions, all would benefit from some form of medical emergency alert system. There are security systems that offer this feature, and, through the use of a remote control button or other easily accessible alert devices, they’ll be able to call for help and immediately have medical assistance on its way.

Protect Against Fires

With modern Orlando security systems, you won’t have to depend on smoke detectors to let you know of smoke or a fire. Many newer systems are advanced enough so that smoke can be detected sooner, and they’ll identify where the heat has originated from as well as contact authorities depending on the severity of the problem. The U.S. Fire Administration states that in just thirty seconds a small flame can turn into a full blown fire, so be sure to have all safety precautions covered with your security system.

Protection from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be a serious issue for all homeowners that use gas throughout their home to fuel several features. Stoves, fireplaces, and heating systems can all use gas, and each one presents the potential for leaking into the home. This gas is odorless and colorless, making it difficult to know if a leak has occurred. In order to keep you and your family safe at all times, you’ll want to ensure enough carbon monoxide detectors are strategically placed throughout your home. Since this gas can’t be detected by humans, you’ll need to rely on your detectors to alert you of any possible leaks. Home security systems have the option to connect with these detectors and will even contact proper authorities in the event of a leak.

Lower Home Energy Consumption

With the rise in home automation popularity, homeowners are learning how they can use this feature to help keep home energy costs low. A home automation system grants homeowners the ability to control nearly all electronic components and appliances in their home from any location. This feature is useful because homeowners can adjust their thermostats anytime they want, helping prevent any waste of energy. Interior and exterior lights can also be switched on and off allowing you to come home to a lit home or even turn off any lights you may have left on accidentally. This security feature also gives the impression someone might be home even if they aren’t. Complete remote control of your home while you’re away provides peace of mind to all homeowners.

We offer Orlando security services to all homeowners in need. Over the past ten plus years, we’ve provided clients with the best customer service available and will always continue to do so. Contact us today at 877-906-7772 if you think it’s time you’ve had a security system installed in your home.

Fortifying Your Home Beyond Basic Measures

Of course, having a home security system installed is the best way to keep your home safe, but there are ways outside the standard electronic security system that can help improve your home’s safety even further. Strada Security is among the top Orlando security companies and wants to inform homeowners on how they can make their home secure beyond basic measures. There are several tips and tricks you can do for your home that will make anyone unwanted think twice before trying to enter.

  • Plants: Doing some gardening around your house will do wonders for natural security. Planting thick, thorny bushes along your walls will make things very difficult for someone to sneak through and prevent them from getting close to your home. It’s an inexpensive way to secure your home, and maintenance shouldn’t be too much of a problem either. Having bushes line your home will give you a nice, natural barrier that’s certain to help keep intruders away.
  • Pets: Your alarm system is optimal when and if someone breaks in, but not if they’re moving around outside. Having a dog around will most likely alert you of anything they hear outside, as they will generally bark at anything unknown to them. With an advanced sense of hearing, they can alert homeowners before any potential intrusion and keep burglars away. Just the sound of a dog barking can be enough to deter intruders, as they’ll want to avoid any possible conflict.
  • Motion Sensors: Approaching an unlit house may have burglars thinking there’s no one home until suddenly an exterior light switches on. Orlando security companies like Strada Security advise homeowners to invest in purchasing outside lights with motion sensors. These types of lights make things difficult for burglars as they won’t know for sure whether someone’s home or not when a light quickly turns on. They’re looking for easy scenarios and will typically avoid anything unknown to them which is why motion sensors are a great way to deter any would be intruders.

As good as these methods are, they won’t ever compare to real-time monitoring and all the advances in modern technology. These security measures should be used as additional means to improve home security and not necessarily as a substitution. Strada Security, as well as other Orlando security companies, advise homeowners to look into what new security systems are offering compared to the older, outdated formats. When you’re ready to have your home fitted with only the best home security systems, contact us at 877-906-7772.

Strada Electric & Security Scheduled to Attend 2017 Hurricane Preparedness Expo

Strada Electric & Security is a leader in the home services industry providing 14 years of electrical service to the state of Florida. As Florida’s Hurricane Season begins June 1, the Strada Electric team will be joining Osceola organizations like the Police and Fire Departments, FEMA, The Big Red Bus, Osceola Animal Control, Osceola County Emergency Management, ServPro, and various contractors to get the community prepared for hurricane season. The 2017 Hurricane Preparedness Expo will be in the Home Depot parking lot at 4560 13th Street in Saint Cloud, Florida from 9am to 3pm. A free Home Depot Kid’s Workshop will be available in the morning.

Be sure to stop by the Strada booth for some goodies and to chat with our experts. Strada’s service and security representatives will be available to answer questions and provide safety tips to weather the storms ahead.

“Strada Electric & Security takes the safety of our neighboring residents and businesses very seriously,” said Joe Strada, President, and CEO of Strada Electric & Security. “We have dedicated ourselves to providing excellent service for our customers, but also being a good steward for the communities we serve. We are excited to take part in this fantastic event alongside Osceola’s finest.”

For more information about how Strada Electric & Security can help with your security needs, call 1-877-906-7772. For more information on how you can power your life with Strada electric services,  call 1-877-906-1113.

About On Strada Electric & Security

Strada Electric & Security was founded by Joe Strada in 2003. Strada Electric & Security is in the “peace of mind” business, offering expert security and electric talent for home and business solutions, leveraging our experience to deliver professional and responsive service with uncompromising reliability, respect, and value.


3 Digital Trends Dominating Home Security

Home security has significantly improved over the years. Gone are the days when your security system would just set off an alarm and alert you of a break-in. Technology has helped advance these systems to grow in so many ways that will turn your home into a formidable stronghold. Strada Security knows all about Orlando home security and how to apply all necessary features you’ll need to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings safe.

  • Home Camera System

With technology becoming more and more accessible to use, having a video monitoring system isn’t necessarily an expensive security feature to have installed. Using these systems help not only prevent potential break-ins, but also allow you to view any activity whenever you’d like. Live video feeds are even given to homeowners with certain camera operating capabilities. You’ll be able to adjust what you’re looking at by either zooming in or out. It’s smart to recognize if something doesn’t appear right or seems out of place, and changing your view will help you see these more clearly. In addition to this, you can use the system to check in on family or pets and ensure they’re always safe.

  • Go Wireless

By having a wireless Orlando home security system installed, you’re allowing your home and family to constantly be safe, even during times you lose power. These wireless systems will continue to work without power and won’t lose the ability to alert your security company.

  • Home Automation

One of the more popular features right now in security systems is the use of home automated technology. Although this aspect of home security is optional, it’s one of the best ways to ensure the complete safety of your home while you’re away. No matter where you are, you’ll have the ability to control nearly any electrical feature in your home. With the use of a remote control or smart device, you’re able to change thermostat temperatures, lock electronically linked doors, turn lights on and off, and more. This amount of security at your fingertips gives homeowners peace of mind and allows them to relax knowing they can adjust nearly every security feature of their home from anywhere. The system works, however, you’d like it to and that’s what makes this such a popular trend.

There are several ways home security has advanced in recent years, and we’ve grown with it every step of the way. We specialize in Orlando home security and want your home to be as safe as possible. If you’re interested in installing a home security system or upgrading your current one, then contact us at 877-906-7772.

Staying Connected and Safe Across the Miles

For grown children with elderly parents that live far away, it can be tough not knowing whether they’re safe or not. With modern technology, there are ways family members can keep an eye on the elderly without having to live nearby. The same can be said for parents wanting to keep a caring eye on their young children. Video monitoring systems can be installed and used to check in on loved ones that may need close observation. These monitoring systems can also be used to view pets and children while you’re away at work. Strada Security is among the top Orlando security companies in Central Florida, and we want you to know how video monitoring can benefit you.


As parents get older, they begin to have a harder time getting around. Because of this, they spend much of their time at home, which is why installing a video monitoring system is so important. Accidents, as unfortunate as they may be, will typically happen more often in their own home. Keeping an eye on your loved ones helps you know how they’re doing and allows you time to make proper calls should an accident occur. Aside from the obvious concerns of your parent’s wellbeing, you’re also able to see them whenever you want, even from long distances. Video monitoring aging parents shouldn’t be thought of as invasive, but instead as a way to stay connected with them.


Parents with children that arrive home from school while they’re still at work should also consider investing in a video monitoring system for their home. With one of these installed, you’ll have the ability to check in and make sure they’ve made it home safely. Once they’re home, you can choose to continue to check on them and ensure they’re behaving or doing their homework or other chores you may have asked them to do before you get home. Orlando security companies like us know how important peace of mind is to parents, and video monitoring systems provide this to them.


Homeowners who love their pets but are away for most of the day due to long work hours may have pet sitters or dog walkers that care for their pets while they’re working. A video monitoring setup allows you to ensure they’re being properly cared for and gives you control to review their service.

Being able to monitor your loved ones provides you with long distance security, making it the best way for you to feel at peace. Strada Security, an Orlando security company, is there to help homeowners improve the safety and security of their home in all ways. If you decide to have a video monitoring system installed, call us at 877-906-7772, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

Hidden Benefits of Home Security Systems

Home security systems are primarily installed to keep your home safe and provide you with peace of mind knowing everything is being protected. But, many homeowners may not realize their Orlando home security system has hidden benefits. It’s important to look into all aspects your security system has to offer, as there may be some ways you can save on costs you didn’t know you were eligible for. Strada Security wants you to understand what benefits are out there and how you can use them to improve your home.

Decreased Home Insurance

Many homeowners believe installing an Orlando home security system is too expense and choose not to get one. However, several insurance companies offer deals where they may pay for some of the installation fees. Once you’ve had the system put in place, some of these insurance companies may even apply discounts to your policy.

Improve Property Value

Installing a home security system in your home will make it more appealing to buyers when you choose to sell. Added security is always a nice feature to have when showing your home to potential buyers. Systems that are built into the home are even more sought after, as they will always remain in the house and can’t be removed, so the seller won’t be able to take it with them. Since protection and safety are on the top of the list for buyers, a home security system is just the thing that will help improve the value of your home.

Better Technology

With the advancements in security over the years, Strada Security has been sure to keep improving their Orlando home security systems with the best technology available. Newer security systems offer ways to monitor and control your home from any location. With the Alarm.com app, homeowners can arm their security system, check locks on doors, adjust lights, and more all with the aid of a smart device. Having the use of a monitoring system is especially beneficial as you can check on your home while you’re away for any extended period of time or make sure your kids are okay. This gives homeowners just the kind of peace of mind they’re looking for.

These added benefits can’t be replaced with other means, and we want you to get the most out of your Orlando home security system. Don’t wait to have one installed in your home, as you’re only missing out on savings and peace of mind. For any questions you may have regarding home security, Strada Security is available for you at 877-906-7772.