3 Benefits of Automating Your Home

Home automation has been improving over the years and making lives easier for homeowners. These systems provide several benefits that make standard home security systems look outdated. Instead of focusing on one aspect, they allow homeowners to utilize several options that improve not only their home security but also tasks in their daily lives. Strada Security has been installing home automation in Orlando for over ten years and knows just what benefits customers will be interested in seeing.

Save Money

Aside from all the high-tech upgrades home automation brings to the table, a great selling point for these systems is in how much they’ll save you on electrical bills. With home automation, owners can create schedules for their lights and air conditioner system that helps keep unnecessary energy usage down. Thermostats can be programmed and even learn how to adjust your temperatures over time. Lighting can also be scheduled and set up to turn off based on lack of movement. With home automation, owners can access their system remotely and make changes from away from the house, giving them complete control wherever they may be. These forms of energy saving can decrease your yearly electrical costs more than most would think.

Property Value

A bonus to installing home automation, is the increase in property value. Since home automation doesn’t just provide security, homes with this system already installed are rather appealing. Home automation can not only decrease energy costs and increase home security, but they also offer several functions intended to improve convenience in the home. Home automation turns your house into a smart home and enables it to access many areas with Internet capabilities. From security systems to home entertainment devices, home automation allows owners to control them with their phone or other smart devices. These features appeal to both younger and older demographics as the security and Internet components are major selling points for each of them.

Upgraded Home Security

Home automation provides homeowners with many updated forms of security. Exterior doors can be locked, lights can be controlled, video monitoring can be accessed, and several other useful features are included in these systems. The great thing about all these features is how owners can access them all remotely. With the use of an app, you’ll be granted the ability to control these functions from anywhere. They even include motion detectors that will activate as soon as movement is detected.

With over 10 years of experience, Strada Security has been successful in recruiting well-trained technicians that know what’s best for your home’s security. Home automation in Orlando gives homeowners peace of mind and convenience that allows them to live comfortably. If you’re interested in taking advantage of these great benefits, then contact us at 877-906-7772 for a consultation today.