Take Control of Your Energy Costs

Running air conditioning throughout the year can become a costly expense, especially with Florida’s constantly warm to hot climate. Houses are continuously using AC to cool down their homes, as it’s impossible to maintain lower temperatures here. For this reason, energy costs are high, and homeowners are forced to put up with them. Fortunately, Strada Security, an Orlando home automation company, has a way you can take control of your energy costs. Alarm.com offers home and business owners the ability to control their thermostats no matter where they are. At any time, you can easily control temperatures with any smart device.

Smart Temperature Control Options

Alarm.com offers top-of-the-line options to owners with remote thermostat systems. By connecting through Alarm.com, you can view and control your home’s temperature from any location. You’re also given the ability to make your own temperature schedules so air conditioning isn’t running and wasting energy while you’re away from home. The system is so sophisticated, it’ll even send alerts to the owners if there has been a change in the settings. These options enable you to keep a close watch on the thermostat and ensure you’re doing everything you can to save on energy costs.

Sync Settings to Your Lifestyle

The system is smart enough to change temperatures based on whether you’re home or not. They will rise when you’re gone and lower when you’re home. Each day can even have its own separate temperature settings as you won’t always be away from home every day. You can also manually change the thermostat even if you have preset any temperature schedules in advance. This type of Orlando home automation gives you complete, easily-accessible control over all aspects of your thermostat.

Geo-Services Automation

Technology has grown and advanced so much that temperatures will adjust for owners depending on the location of their smartphones. As our smartphones never seem to leave our side, their location helps set thermostats when you either leave or arrive home. It uses your location from the smartphone to adjust these temperatures automatically for you, saving energy and providing you with comfortable air conditioning as you walk through the front door.

Advancements in thermostat controls have given homeowners better ways to take control of their energy costs. Scheduling temperature changes and using accurate smartphone locations gives homeowners great ways to cut down on energy costs throughout the year. We specialize in Orlando home automation, and we’ve been helping homeowners keep energy costs low. Don’t hesitate to have this smart system installed in your home or business, and contact us at 877-906-7772 to get started today.

Find the Right Home Security Solution with Strada Security

Orlando security systems are an important part of the overall safety of a home. The trick is finding the right security company for your home or business. Strada Security offers several home security options and is more than willing to be there for any in need of installing or even updating their security system. Strada Security specializes in home security solutions throughout Orlando, making us the right choice for all your security installations.

New Homes

Homeowners moving into a newly-built house or doing some remodeling may see it as the perfect opportunity to have new security systems installed. Using structured wiring is exactly what homeowners would be looking for if they want to hide all cables and cords. The structured wiring system creates a Home Connection Center that gives homeowners and security technicians easy access to a small security panel for maintenance, updating, and troubleshooting. Structured wiring not only provides homeowners with security, but also gives access to cable, Internet, and phones all throughout the house. In order to make all this possible, the Orlando security systems experts at Strada Security create access points across your home.

Existing Homes

For those already in a home without a security system, there are ways Strada Security can integrate systems into your home. Designing and installing home security solutions is what Strada Security specializes in, and we enable homeowners to even change and update the system over time. These systems provide you with security alerts sent directly to your phone, remote controls on lights and door locks, motion detectors, window sensors, and more. These security solutions are exactly what existing homeowners are looking for to improve the security of their home.


Interactive security systems are the perfect security solution for businesses. Strada Security offers the best ways to protect your business while you’re away by giving you control and monitoring options through mobile devices and computers. These complete security systems empower owners to manage their security from any location. You won’t have to wonder whether your business is secure in the off hours anymore with our complete security options and installations.

It’s important to invest in your home or business’s security to keep them safe around the clock. Take the time to consider all security options, and learn how far they’ve come over the years. Strada offers Orlando security systems to upgrade or improve homes and businesses. Contact us at 877-906-7772 for any questions or concerns you may have about security installations.

Take Control of Your Backyard Security

Home security is always the first area homeowners think to improve on to stay better protected. While this is true, you shouldn’t stop there. Controlling your backyard security is also important to the overall protection of your home and property. Just because things kept behind the home are hidden from view doesn’t mean that’s good enough protection. Strada Security, an Orlando security company, has some ways to upgrade your backyard that might help protect anything of importance you keep in your backyard.

Motion Detection Lights

Installing lights with motion detection gives more security to any of your outside perimeter areas. If you have a backyard with lots of plants and shrubbery, then you’ll want motion detection lighting. Once motion is detected, the sensor is tripped and the light immediately turns on. The light continues to illuminate the area for as long as you set the timer. Having outside lights with motion detection is a great way to deter any potential threat. Many are placed on exterior corners, this way the amount of area they illuminate is maximized.

Sturdy Fences

The more precautions you take with your fence, the harder it is for them to be climbed. Sturdy fences with the top out of reach make it very difficult for climbing. As long as no one can get over the fence, you’re in good shape. In order to improve your fencing a little more, you can have picket fences or chain-link fences installed. The tops of these fences will provide even better protection to your backyard. Orlando security company, Strada Security, also advises homeowners to take the fence locks seriously too. They can be an inconvenience to you at times, meaning you might be tempted to create ways to easily open your fence lock, but this also makes it easier for others as well. Take the time to improve the safety of your backyard and ensure your fence lock isn’t an easy obstacle to overcome.

Outside Items

Just because the items you leave in the backyard are hidden from the front doesn’t mean that’s a good form of security. Many homeowners use and leave items outside all the time without much thought of anything happening to them. Your tools are important, and Strada Security doesn’t want any misfortune befalling you. The best form of prevention is simple. Storing tools, mowers, or other gadgets in a tool shed or the garage will keep them safe. For any homeowners that have outdoor chairs or other exterior furniture, chaining them down is a great deterrent as well.

All areas of your home are important to protect, so don’t let your backyard go without security. Every step you take to improve your backyard security will also help improve your home security. Strada Security, a top Orlando security company, knows the ins and outs of home protection. For any questions or security installments you need, call us at 877-906-7772.

3 Ways to Protect Your Smart Home

Technology has rapidly grown over recent years, and, although this is great as far as technical improvements, it may create problems for homeowners as these systems are also vulnerable. Smart systems for the home do truly make things easier and provide a comfort that can’t be beat which is why using them is so important. Unfortunately, some of these systems can be manipulated. That’s why Strada Security, an Orlando home security company, is sharing three ways to protect your smart home system.

  • Updates

There’s a reason why you should immediately update your smartphone when updates are released. Many updates have improved security measures that help keep unwanted visitors out of your personal smart devices. Many home security systems are connected to your smartphones these days, and if your smartphone is hacked, it may allow hackers to find private information to your security system through those means. By staying up to date on smart device updates, you’re keeping security risks down.

  • Connection

Having all smart devices connected to the same Internet connection can be risky. If all devices are on one connection and that connection happens to get hacked, then every one of your devices is compromised. Many routers give you the option to use a guest network. By setting up this guest network, you can have all vital smart devices connected to your main network and then link all other devices to your guest network. Splitting the amount of devices you have on two networks will decrease your chances of having all information accessible from one place. Phones and computers are top priority for your main network, but all other devices can be connected via your guest network.

  • Default Settings

It goes without saying how important password protection should be to homeowners. Using smart devices to access Orlando home security systems is convenient, but it also leaves you open to potential hacks. Default passwords already programmed into your smart devices shouldn’t be kept, rather they should immediately be changed. Don’t put off changing your default password thinking it isn’t a big deal, as hackers can look for these easy targets and attempt to exploit them for their benefit.

Homeowners that rely on smart devices to control several aspects of their smart home should consider potential risks they’re taking by using so many connected devices. Orlando home security is very important to Strada Security, and we want you to know what you can do to keep your system as secure as possible. These tips will help decrease hacking chances and allow you to feel more at ease. For any further questions on home security, contact us at 877-906-7772.

Defining the Worth of Your Family’s Safety

Many homeowners decide not to install a home security system because of the cost. Although these systems could be costly, they can also give you and your family peace of mind. It’s so important to take the proper measures to secure your home. You could get lucky and go your entire life without a break-in but those aren’t really the chances you should be taking. The truth is, paying for a security system is a small price to pay when you’re granted peace of mind, safety, and even discounted homeowenr’s insurance. Strada Security wants to emphasize the reasons why Orlando security systems are so important to your home and family.

  • Intruders: Homes without a security system are far more susceptible to a break in than those with them. Just by having one installed for your home can be enough to deter a burglar. A security system is a great safeguard to protect your family from any potential intruders and ensure better safety for the home overall. In the event that a burglar breaks in, your security system will trigger an alarm and immediately contact authorities scaring them off.
  • Fires: Many people think of security systems as safety measures to alert you of a break in, but they also serve another vital purpose. In addition to smoke detectors, these systems provide another form of fire protection. If the system is setup to trigger for smoke or strong presences of heat, it can act quickly and contact authorities. Any indication of smoke could mean fire will quickly follow. For your home’s and family’s safety, it’s important to invest in a security system that offers this feature.
  • Peace of Mind: You can’t really put a price on family and irreplaceable items that mean so much to you. Installing a security system can make all the difference in keeping burglars from targeting your home. Your home should be the place you feel most secure and nothing should jeopardize that. Spending the money to upgrade your home’s Orlando security systems will be well worth the alternative.

Strada Security provides expert Orlando security systems services all over Central Florida. If you’re concerned about your home’s safety or wish to improve your security, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Call us today at 877-906-7772 to get your home security system up and running.

Automated Security Solutions – A Smart Business Investment

Technology is advancing everyday and security companies are finding better ways to improve security solutions for your business. Strada Security uses business automation in Orlando businesses to provide them with the best protection available. This technology is so improved that it allows owners to monitor and control their company at any time with any smart device. If you’re away from the office but want to check on things, you’ll be able to pull out your cell phone or tablet and see everything from there. Even if you’re sitting at your desk and you’re on your computer, you can use that to monitor things as well. This automated security solution gives owners the instant access they’ve been looking for to upgrade their security.

Automated Security System Capabilities: There really is no limit to what a business automation Orlando system can do for your business. You won’t ever have to worry if someone has broken into your building without finding out until the next day. This system is setup to alert any smart devices connected to it that the system has been triggered. You’re given full access to the lighting system and can create a schedule for them to turn on, off, or even activate if the system has been tripped. If you’ve ever thought you forgot to lock any doors, the automated system allows you to check and lock the doors from anywhere. In fact the system is so sophisticated that you’re given the option to make access codes for doors, and you’ll even be notified when they’re used.

Other Security Improvements: Strada Security offers more than installing a fully automated security system for your business. There are other upgrades that can make your business even more secure. Exterior entries such as windows and doors can be fitted with sensors that will activate if they’re being tampered with. Motion detectors can be placed on exterior lights so they’ll turn on whenever movement is recognized. Installing a complete camera system throughout your business is also advised. Having constant surveillance will provide you with great security and protection.

An automated security system is the best solution business owners are looking for to receive the best protection possible. Strada Security specializes in business automation in Orlando and can install all these great features for you. If you’re considering upgrading your security, don’t hesitate to call us at 407-906-7772.

3 Reasons Your Home May be Targeted

No homeowner wants to be the victim of a burglary. The best ways to a prevent burglary are to know what burglars look for when deciding which homes to rob. There are reasons why certain homes are chosen to be robbed and burglars use these to their advantage. Strada Security, an Orlando security company, wants to inform you on the ways burglars target homes which will allow you the time to prevent anything from happening to your home.

  • Lighting: Turning all your lights off or leaving all of them on are never good options while you’re away from your home. For shorter periods, leaving your lights on shouldn’t be an issue but being away from your home for any prolonged period of time will only tell burglars you aren’t home. Unpredictability is your best friend in this scenario. Installing exterior lights that turn on due to motion detection will make burglars think twice before breaking into your home. As for interior lights, timers can be used to make your home appear as if someone is home.
  • Mail or Newspaper: Allowing your mail or newspapers to pile up is a major target burglars look for. These are easy indicators that no one is home and you don’t want someone exploiting this weakness. Orlando security companies advise you to ask a friend or neighbor to collect your mail or paper for you while you’re away.
  • Social Media: Posting to social media about daily life has become extremely common over recent years. There’s nothing wrong with posting certain things about your life on social media but letting everyone you know online that you’re on vacation can be a problem. Just because you mention you’re on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get robbed but it could certainly increase your chances. By posting this information, it could potentially be viewed by someone you don’t know and used to target your home. If you must post something about your vacation, try to resist the urge to do it while you’re away and instead post your comments and pictures once you get back home. Least of all, you don’t want to be your own worst enemy.

If you’re guilty of any of these things, take the time to fix them. The more you do to prevent a home burglary, the better your chances are of keeping your home safe. Strada Security, an Orlando security company, has all the gadgets and security systems you’ll need to improve your home’s protection. Contact us today at 877-906-7772 to get your security system installation underway.

Secure These 4 Entry Points of the Home to Prevent Burglary

Burglary prevention is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether we’d like to ignore the fact that burglaries occur at all, they are a very real thing and can happen at any time. Fortunately, Strada Security, an Orlando security systems expert, knows four major entry points you should do your best to secure to prevent break-ins. Knowing your home’s weaknesses is important because those are the areas you’ll know that’ll need the most protection.

Garage Doors: Just because an interior door is hidden by the assumed protection of an exterior door doesn’t mean it’s actually safe. Many homeowners believe leaving the door connected to their garage unlocked isn’t a problem, however this is not the case. If by chance a burglar is able to gain access into your garage, then you’ll want to make sure the door leading into your home is locked. Having this obstacle could be just what you need to deter them from advancing any further and make them think twice before risking any chances of being caught by sticking around too long.

Pet Doors: You may think a pet door is far too small for anyone to enter through into your home. This may be true for the average sized male, but it doesn’t mean they won’t have an accomplice that might be able to squeeze through this small space for them. Also not all pet doors are small because having bigger pets also means having bigger pet doors which only increases chances of someone being able to sneak in. In order to keep this entry secure, there are panels homeowners can use that will slide into place right over the pet door. Ensure this piece is in place while you’re away and you’ll decrease any break ins.

Certain Exterior Doors: Doors with several window panes may look nice and appealing to the overall look of your home, but they also provide a tempting way for burglars to enter your home. Window panes on doors are often located near the door knob. If a burglar knows no one is home, they won’t be concerned about the noise shattered glass makes. Do your best to replace these doors and keep burglars out.

Windows: First floor windows are easy targets for burglars as well. If they aren’t concerned about breaking a door window pane, they definitely won’t care about smashing a window. The best protection for this is to install an Orlando security system. Broken windows will set off alarms and alert security companies the moment this happens.

These four entry points are common ways burglars gain access to your home. In knowing where they are looking to find an easy way in, you’ll have the ability to help prevent them from entering. Your safety is important to Strada Security and upgrading your Orlando security systems will ensure better home protection. To improve or install a security system, call the Strada Security pros at 877-906-7772.

3 Security Methods that Likely Won’t Work

Giving you and your family peace of mind should be on the top of your priority list. By establishing a strong security system for your home, you ensure the complete safety of your family and their belongings. Not all security methods may work as well as you’d hope. Strada Security, an Orlando home security company, wants you to be aware of ineffective security methods so you know exactly what not to do. By knowing what not to do, you allow yourself to take the proper measures for future safety, allowing you to protect you and your family.

Lights: Many homeowners believe keeping their lights on while they’re away for an extended period of time is a good security measure. This method can actually have the opposite effect as it will be easy to discern if you’re home or not. By seeing that your lights are constantly on, your home is more prone to a break in. The best way to fix this is by using lights that either have a timer or motion sensor. The unpredictable factor this option offers will keep anyone second guessing if someone is home.

Strada Security offers whole home automation which means that you can control your lights from your smart phone. So if you are unexpectedly away from home for the evening or if you would like to randomize your lights while on extended stay; control your home right from your smart phone.

Valuables: Most important items are kept in the main bedroom. This is the first place that could be checked in the event of a break in. In order to prevent your important possessions from being taken, it’s wise to store them in several rooms. Each room may provide better hiding places than trying to find several places all in one room. Many valuables are replaceable but other personal and sentimental items aren’t. Improving your Orlando home security will help prevent any irreplaceable items from going missing.

Strada Security offers camera control & monitoring which means that at any given time you can monitor your home through your smart phone. 24/7 online monitoring will help keep your valuables at top of mind.

Mail Suspension: Avoid suspending your mail at all costs. Even rerouting your mail while you’re away results in the same outcome. By not receiving any mail for an extended period, you’ll increase your chances of a break in. The best way to receive your mail and not have it pile up in your mailbox is by having a close friend or neighbor pick it up for you. The ones you trust are your best security measure in this situation.

Strada Security offers top-of-the-line doorbell cameras which means if a package comes while you are away you can communicate with the person at your door via a 2-way voice control. Always be in control of your home and your security.

The best way to secure your home while you’re away is to know what not to do. By knowing security methods that likely won’t work, you’re able to take the proper steps that will. Strada Security specializes in Orlando home security and knows exactly how to improve the safety of your home. For any concerns you may have or potential needs of security improvement, contact us at 877-906-7772.

The Best Places to Hide Your Spare Key

Having a spare house key available to you in case you lose or forget your original one is important. With this in mind, homeowners should be cautious of where they hide their spare key. Keeping it in a convenient place does make the key easier for you to retrieve, but it also makes it easier for others to find it as well. Strada Security, experts on home automation in Orlando, want homeowners to know some of the best and worst places to hide their spare key, as well as other spare key alternative.

Best Places:

  • Trustworthy Neighbor: Giving a spare to key to a trustworthy neighbor will eliminate any concerns you may have about leaving outside of your home. It’ll always be safe in their home and of course no one but your neighbor will be able to get to it. Although this is the safest place to store your key, it’s also the least convenient. Unless they’re home, you’ll need another place to keep a spare key.
  • With your Car: There are small, magnetized lock boxes available that will conceal your key and keep it attached underneath your car. When you’re away from your home, so is your car. By having your car with you, you’ll always have access to your key whereas others won’t.
  • Fake Sprinkler Head: The fake sprinkler head works just like the fake rock only much more effective. Fake rocks could easily be found but a sprinkler head that blends in with the rest of your irrigation system would just be glanced over with little afterthought.

Worst Places:

  • Doormat: Keeping your spare key under the doormat will most likely be the first place someone looks for your key. It’s just too obvious of a place to hide it.
  • Front Door Decor: Hiding your key inside or underneath front door decorations is convenient but also an easy place for someone else to discover it.
  • Fake Rock: When there are better forms of the fake rock out there, it’s best to avoid using this popular method many people know about. They’re even more ineffective when there aren’t many other natural rocks around them.
  • Purse or Wallet: If you keep a spare key with your purse or wallet, you’re only giving someone else easy access to your home. Lots of personal information can be gathered from your wallet, so it would be wise to separate the two at all times.

Alternative: When it really comes down to it, the best way to hide your key is not to have one hidden anywhere in the first place. Through home automation, homeowners are given several options, many of which appeal to improving the overall comfort of your home. There are some options though that will be a true lifesaver when the time comes. Strada Security specializes in home automation in Orlando and advises utilizing this system to upgrade home security. Homeowners are given the ability to control their door locks through home automation. This method does more than just save you from forgetting your key, it also can control security systems, home entertainment systems, and garage doors.

Home automation in Orlando is a method that will drastically improve your home in several ways. From security to comfort, Strada Security offers the best home automation services. To get started and install home automation for your house, contact us at 877-906-7772.