3 Digital Trends Dominating Home Security

Home security has significantly improved over the years. Gone are the days when your security system would just set off an alarm and alert you of a break-in. Technology has helped advance these systems to grow in so many ways that will turn your home into a formidable stronghold. Strada Security knows all about Orlando home security and how to apply all necessary features you’ll need to keep yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings safe.

  • Home Camera System

With technology becoming more and more accessible to use, having a video monitoring system isn’t necessarily an expensive security feature to have installed. Using these systems help not only prevent potential break-ins, but also allow you to view any activity whenever you’d like. Live video feeds are even given to homeowners with certain camera operating capabilities. You’ll be able to adjust what you’re looking at by either zooming in or out. It’s smart to recognize if something doesn’t appear right or seems out of place, and changing your view will help you see these more clearly. In addition to this, you can use the system to check in on family or pets and ensure they’re always safe.

  • Go Wireless

By having a wireless Orlando home security system installed, you’re allowing your home and family to constantly be safe, even during times you lose power. These wireless systems will continue to work without power and won’t lose the ability to alert your security company.

  • Home Automation

One of the more popular features right now in security systems is the use of home automated technology. Although this aspect of home security is optional, it’s one of the best ways to ensure the complete safety of your home while you’re away. No matter where you are, you’ll have the ability to control nearly any electrical feature in your home. With the use of a remote control or smart device, you’re able to change thermostat temperatures, lock electronically linked doors, turn lights on and off, and more. This amount of security at your fingertips gives homeowners peace of mind and allows them to relax knowing they can adjust nearly every security feature of their home from anywhere. The system works, however, you’d like it to and that’s what makes this such a popular trend.

There are several ways home security has advanced in recent years, and we’ve grown with it every step of the way. We specialize in Orlando home security and want your home to be as safe as possible. If you’re interested in installing a home security system or upgrading your current one, then contact us at 877-906-7772.

Staying Connected and Safe Across the Miles

For grown children with elderly parents that live far away, it can be tough not knowing whether they’re safe or not. With modern technology, there are ways family members can keep an eye on the elderly without having to live nearby. The same can be said for parents wanting to keep a caring eye on their young children. Video monitoring systems can be installed and used to check in on loved ones that may need close observation. These monitoring systems can also be used to view pets and children while you’re away at work. Strada Security is among the top Orlando security companies in Central Florida, and we want you to know how video monitoring can benefit you.


As parents get older, they begin to have a harder time getting around. Because of this, they spend much of their time at home, which is why installing a video monitoring system is so important. Accidents, as unfortunate as they may be, will typically happen more often in their own home. Keeping an eye on your loved ones helps you know how they’re doing and allows you time to make proper calls should an accident occur. Aside from the obvious concerns of your parent’s wellbeing, you’re also able to see them whenever you want, even from long distances. Video monitoring aging parents shouldn’t be thought of as invasive, but instead as a way to stay connected with them.


Parents with children that arrive home from school while they’re still at work should also consider investing in a video monitoring system for their home. With one of these installed, you’ll have the ability to check in and make sure they’ve made it home safely. Once they’re home, you can choose to continue to check on them and ensure they’re behaving or doing their homework or other chores you may have asked them to do before you get home. Orlando security companies like us know how important peace of mind is to parents, and video monitoring systems provide this to them.


Homeowners who love their pets but are away for most of the day due to long work hours may have pet sitters or dog walkers that care for their pets while they’re working. A video monitoring setup allows you to ensure they’re being properly cared for and gives you control to review their service.

Being able to monitor your loved ones provides you with long distance security, making it the best way for you to feel at peace. Strada Security, an Orlando security company, is there to help homeowners improve the safety and security of their home in all ways. If you decide to have a video monitoring system installed, call us at 877-906-7772, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

Hidden Benefits of Home Security Systems

Home security systems are primarily installed to keep your home safe and provide you with peace of mind knowing everything is being protected. But, many homeowners may not realize their Orlando home security system has hidden benefits. It’s important to look into all aspects your security system has to offer, as there may be some ways you can save on costs you didn’t know you were eligible for. Strada Security wants you to understand what benefits are out there and how you can use them to improve your home.

Decreased Home Insurance

Many homeowners believe installing an Orlando home security system is too expense and choose not to get one. However, several insurance companies offer deals where they may pay for some of the installation fees. Once you’ve had the system put in place, some of these insurance companies may even apply discounts to your policy.

Improve Property Value

Installing a home security system in your home will make it more appealing to buyers when you choose to sell. Added security is always a nice feature to have when showing your home to potential buyers. Systems that are built into the home are even more sought after, as they will always remain in the house and can’t be removed, so the seller won’t be able to take it with them. Since protection and safety are on the top of the list for buyers, a home security system is just the thing that will help improve the value of your home.

Better Technology

With the advancements in security over the years, Strada Security has been sure to keep improving their Orlando home security systems with the best technology available. Newer security systems offer ways to monitor and control your home from any location. With the Alarm.com app, homeowners can arm their security system, check locks on doors, adjust lights, and more all with the aid of a smart device. Having the use of a monitoring system is especially beneficial as you can check on your home while you’re away for any extended period of time or make sure your kids are okay. This gives homeowners just the kind of peace of mind they’re looking for.

These added benefits can’t be replaced with other means, and we want you to get the most out of your Orlando home security system. Don’t wait to have one installed in your home, as you’re only missing out on savings and peace of mind. For any questions you may have regarding home security, Strada Security is available for you at 877-906-7772.

Take Control of Your Energy Costs

Running air conditioning throughout the year can become a costly expense, especially with Florida’s constantly warm to hot climate. Houses are continuously using AC to cool down their homes, as it’s impossible to maintain lower temperatures here. For this reason, energy costs are high, and homeowners are forced to put up with them. Fortunately, Strada Security, an Orlando home automation company, has a way you can take control of your energy costs. Alarm.com offers home and business owners the ability to control their thermostats no matter where they are. At any time, you can easily control temperatures with any smart device.

Smart Temperature Control Options

Alarm.com offers top-of-the-line options to owners with remote thermostat systems. By connecting through Alarm.com, you can view and control your home’s temperature from any location. You’re also given the ability to make your own temperature schedules so air conditioning isn’t running and wasting energy while you’re away from home. The system is so sophisticated, it’ll even send alerts to the owners if there has been a change in the settings. These options enable you to keep a close watch on the thermostat and ensure you’re doing everything you can to save on energy costs.

Sync Settings to Your Lifestyle

The system is smart enough to change temperatures based on whether you’re home or not. They will rise when you’re gone and lower when you’re home. Each day can even have its own separate temperature settings as you won’t always be away from home every day. You can also manually change the thermostat even if you have preset any temperature schedules in advance. This type of Orlando home automation gives you complete, easily-accessible control over all aspects of your thermostat.

Geo-Services Automation

Technology has grown and advanced so much that temperatures will adjust for owners depending on the location of their smartphones. As our smartphones never seem to leave our side, their location helps set thermostats when you either leave or arrive home. It uses your location from the smartphone to adjust these temperatures automatically for you, saving energy and providing you with comfortable air conditioning as you walk through the front door.

Advancements in thermostat controls have given homeowners better ways to take control of their energy costs. Scheduling temperature changes and using accurate smartphone locations gives homeowners great ways to cut down on energy costs throughout the year. We specialize in Orlando home automation, and we’ve been helping homeowners keep energy costs low. Don’t hesitate to have this smart system installed in your home or business, and contact us at 877-906-7772 to get started today.

Find the Right Home Security Solution with Strada Security

Orlando security systems are an important part of the overall safety of a home. The trick is finding the right security company for your home or business. Strada Security offers several home security options and is more than willing to be there for any in need of installing or even updating their security system. Strada Security specializes in home security solutions throughout Orlando, making us the right choice for all your security installations.

New Homes

Homeowners moving into a newly-built house or doing some remodeling may see it as the perfect opportunity to have new security systems installed. Using structured wiring is exactly what homeowners would be looking for if they want to hide all cables and cords. The structured wiring system creates a Home Connection Center that gives homeowners and security technicians easy access to a small security panel for maintenance, updating, and troubleshooting. Structured wiring not only provides homeowners with security, but also gives access to cable, Internet, and phones all throughout the house. In order to make all this possible, the Orlando security systems experts at Strada Security create access points across your home.

Existing Homes

For those already in a home without a security system, there are ways Strada Security can integrate systems into your home. Designing and installing home security solutions is what Strada Security specializes in, and we enable homeowners to even change and update the system over time. These systems provide you with security alerts sent directly to your phone, remote controls on lights and door locks, motion detectors, window sensors, and more. These security solutions are exactly what existing homeowners are looking for to improve the security of their home.


Interactive security systems are the perfect security solution for businesses. Strada Security offers the best ways to protect your business while you’re away by giving you control and monitoring options through mobile devices and computers. These complete security systems empower owners to manage their security from any location. You won’t have to wonder whether your business is secure in the off hours anymore with our complete security options and installations.

It’s important to invest in your home or business’s security to keep them safe around the clock. Take the time to consider all security options, and learn how far they’ve come over the years. Strada offers Orlando security systems to upgrade or improve homes and businesses. Contact us at 877-906-7772 for any questions or concerns you may have about security installations.