Why Your Security System Needs a Dedicated Connection

If you are looking for the ultimate peace of mind, your family can go one step further than a security system by installing a dedicated connection. Strada Security, an Orlando security system company, wants you to have the most reliable security system protection in case of any emergency. Using a dedicated connection enables you to wirelessly link to your security system and is even capable of working if your power goes out. A dedicated connection has many benefits all homeowners should be aware of when looking to invest in new security systems.


It would be difficult for your dedicated connection to stay 100% reliable if it was running off the same bandwidth as all other connected devices in your home. With this in mind, dedicated connections are made to run only for your security system. All communication is run separately and isn’t forced to share bandwidth, enabling it to be extremely dependable. Your router will continue to operate smoothly as your dedicated connection operates outside of your Wi-Fi connection.

Intangible Wires

It’s unfortunate to hear when homeowners have been the victims of theft, especially when you find out they even had an excellent security system. Security systems connected to cable can easily be shut off with just a pair of scissors. Access to the wires connecting to your home security system can be found outside your house and only provides a slight inconvenience to burglars. Once they’ve cut that wire, your connected security system goes down and is completely useless. That’s why, as a leading Orlando security system provider, Strada Security advises homeowners to invest in installing a dedicated connection. The connection provides home security wirelessly and keeps any potential thieves or intruders from cutting off your security system.

No Power, No Problem

The dedicated connection security system will continue to run up to twenty-four hours after a power outage. With a backup battery built into your security system, you won’t have to worry about being without security.

Strada Security understands how important your home security system is to you. Without it, you can feel defenseless and vulnerable. Our Orlando security system company strives to offer the best home security services to all our customers, and we won’t stop until you’re satisfied with your security improvements. Call the experts at Strada Security today at 877-906-7772, or contact us online, and we’ll have your home secure in no time.

Use Amazon Alexa to Manage Security

For homeowners looking for super-convenient home security, Amazon Echo and Alexa is just the thing for you. It’s advanced features allow homeowners to have hands-free control by using spoken commands that provide easy convenience to anyone using it. Several at-home functions can be performed throughout your home simply by using your voice. Your  Orlando security system can be easily monitored and accessed through any Amazon Alexa-enabled device. In addition to security controls, you’ll also be able to adjust temperatures or turn lights on or off. All features will make life at home a little easier and provide you with comfort in knowing you have access to your home security just by using your voice.

Voice Commands

Your at-home Orlando security system will greatly improve through the use of Amazon Alexa. It’s common for homeowners to forget or simply be unsure whether they’ve locked their exterior doors. With Amazon Alexa, all these worries will be a thing of the past. You’ll have the ability to check if any smart doors are unlocked and be able to lock them if they aren’t. If Amazon Alexa is connected to your garage door or any video cameras, you’ll also have access to those as well. This instant control and monitoring gives homeowners peace of mind knowing they can check the security of their home at any time through simple voice commands.


Amazon Alexa also allows you to control the lighting all over your home. Many lights can be controlled at once and not only provide convenience, but also improved security. If there’s ever a time where you feel you need to access any lights in your home, an easy voice command can take care of that for you. You won’t ever have to wander around in the dark looking for light switches with the use of Amazon Alexa. This increases home security and gives homeowners the sense of security they’ve been looking for.

Strada Security, an Orlando security system company, advises homeowners to look into using Amazon Alexa if they want to increase their home security. Having instant access to security features anywhere in your home with voice commands will improve home security and will simply make security easier. For any questions you may have about home security or security systems, call the Strada Security professionals at 877-906-7772 or contact us online.

3 Reasons to Install a Doorbell Camera

Take control of your home and give your family peace of mind with Strada home security solutions. An Orlando home security company, Strada understands the importance of having your home at your fingertips. We offer state-of-the-art products, like doorbell cameras, which take your home security efforts one step further. There are several benefits to using a doorbell camera, as they offer more options than just video surveillance. Living with a doorbell camera will set your mind at ease when you are away from your home.  Here are three reasons why you should consider having a doorbell camera installed.

Delivery Theft

Many home deliveries don’t require signatures and allow package services to simply drop them off. Thieves know this and could potentially use it to their advantage. One phone call to Strada Security will fix this problem immediately. By installing our Skybell security camera, you’ll be able to record who comes and goes from your front door. Hopefully the camera deters any thieves, but if they’re confident enough to steal, you’ll have them caught on camera.

Worldwide Chat

There will be several situations where you’ll be at home and someone unfamiliar comes to your door. Using a doorbell camera is the perfect way to answer the door without actually opening it. Our Skybell camera allows homeowners to speak with anyone at the door through its intercom system. Technology has even grown so much that there are now apps you can use to access and communicate through your camera from anywhere in the world.

Motion Sensors

Our home security cameras are motion activated and can even notify homeowners when a camera has been tripped depending on the plan you choose. With this feature, you’ll always be aware of what is going on outside your home. The cameras even have infrared and will continue to record at night.

Strada Security’s doorbell cameras will help put your mind at ease knowing you have ways to record, monitor, and communicate through this security system. A doorbell camera is a simple way to feel more secure than ever before. In Orlando, home security systems are important to you and your family’s safety, so don’t waste another minute wondering if this is right for you. Call us today at 877-906-7772, or contact us online, and we’ll have a technician installing your doorbell camera in no time.