2-Way Voice Control

Nothing is more important than the safety of your home and loved ones. With two-way voice verified monitoring, you can speak directly with a monitoring agent in the event of an alarm trigger or emergency.

If you have children, care for elderly relatives, or suffer from a medical condition, feel confident knowing emergency help is always available even when you can’t get to a phone. Monitoring agents are able to quickly verify alarm status, reducing false alarms. If a break-in occurs while you are away from home, the two-way voice system immediately activates. Agents will be able to inform intruders that police have been dispatched to your property.

Here at Strada Security, we recommend two-way voice to every customer to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones. We have multiple monitoring centers; each of them is UL listed, backed up by two generators, and are hooked up to uninterruptable power sources. Someone will always be there to respond to your emergency. Our systems use a dedicated cellular connection with battery back-up so you never have to worry if the power goes out, your lines are cut, or you can’t get to a phone. You can count on an uninterrupted, reliable connection. Two-way voice monitoring only activates in the event of an alarm trigger or when you initiate communication. Monitoring agents will remain in constant communication until help arrives.

A fully integrated home automation system coupled with a Strada Security system and two-way voice means you have control no matter where you are. Through a convenient app, you are able to access your security system, turn lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, and receive notifications in the event of an alarm trigger. No matter what your current system, or if you don’t have one at all, Strada Security can design and install a security system perfect for your home. We have wired and wireless options, multiple cameras and accessories, and a ton of quality products to choose from.

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