Take Control of Your Backyard Security

Home security is always the first area homeowners think to improve on to stay better protected. While this is true, you shouldn’t stop there. Controlling your backyard security is also important to the overall protection of your home and property. Just because things kept behind the home are hidden from view doesn’t mean that’s good enough protection. Strada Security, an Orlando security company, has some ways to upgrade your backyard that might help protect anything of importance you keep in your backyard.

Motion Detection Lights

Installing lights with motion detection gives more security to any of your outside perimeter areas. If you have a backyard with lots of plants and shrubbery, then you’ll want motion detection lighting. Once motion is detected, the sensor is tripped and the light immediately turns on. The light continues to illuminate the area for as long as you set the timer. Having outside lights with motion detection is a great way to deter any potential threat. Many are placed on exterior corners, this way the amount of area they illuminate is maximized.

Sturdy Fences

The more precautions you take with your fence, the harder it is for them to be climbed. Sturdy fences with the top out of reach make it very difficult for climbing. As long as no one can get over the fence, you’re in good shape. In order to improve your fencing a little more, you can have picket fences or chain-link fences installed. The tops of these fences will provide even better protection to your backyard. Orlando security company, Strada Security, also advises homeowners to take the fence locks seriously too. They can be an inconvenience to you at times, meaning you might be tempted to create ways to easily open your fence lock, but this also makes it easier for others as well. Take the time to improve the safety of your backyard and ensure your fence lock isn’t an easy obstacle to overcome.

Outside Items

Just because the items you leave in the backyard are hidden from the front doesn’t mean that’s a good form of security. Many homeowners use and leave items outside all the time without much thought of anything happening to them. Your tools are important, and Strada Security doesn’t want any misfortune befalling you. The best form of prevention is simple. Storing tools, mowers, or other gadgets in a tool shed or the garage will keep them safe. For any homeowners that have outdoor chairs or other exterior furniture, chaining them down is a great deterrent as well.

All areas of your home are important to protect, so don’t let your backyard go without security. Every step you take to improve your backyard security will also help improve your home security. Strada Security, a top Orlando security company, knows the ins and outs of home protection. For any questions or security installments you need, call us at 877-906-7772.