3 Ways to Protect Your Smart Home

Technology has rapidly grown over recent years, and, although this is great as far as technical improvements, it may create problems for homeowners as these systems are also vulnerable. Smart systems for the home do truly make things easier and provide a comfort that can’t be beat which is why using them is so important. Unfortunately, some of these systems can be manipulated. That’s why Strada Security, an Orlando home security company, is sharing three ways to protect your smart home system.

  • Updates

There’s a reason why you should immediately update your smartphone when updates are released. Many updates have improved security measures that help keep unwanted visitors out of your personal smart devices. Many home security systems are connected to your smartphones these days, and if your smartphone is hacked, it may allow hackers to find private information to your security system through those means. By staying up to date on smart device updates, you’re keeping security risks down.

  • Connection

Having all smart devices connected to the same Internet connection can be risky. If all devices are on one connection and that connection happens to get hacked, then every one of your devices is compromised. Many routers give you the option to use a guest network. By setting up this guest network, you can have all vital smart devices connected to your main network and then link all other devices to your guest network. Splitting the amount of devices you have on two networks will decrease your chances of having all information accessible from one place. Phones and computers are top priority for your main network, but all other devices can be connected via your guest network.

  • Default Settings

It goes without saying how important password protection should be to homeowners. Using smart devices to access Orlando home security systems is convenient, but it also leaves you open to potential hacks. Default passwords already programmed into your smart devices shouldn’t be kept, rather they should immediately be changed. Don’t put off changing your default password thinking it isn’t a big deal, as hackers can look for these easy targets and attempt to exploit them for their benefit.

Homeowners that rely on smart devices to control several aspects of their smart home should consider potential risks they’re taking by using so many connected devices. Orlando home security is very important to Strada Security, and we want you to know what you can do to keep your system as secure as possible. These tips will help decrease hacking chances and allow you to feel more at ease. For any further questions on home security, contact us at 877-906-7772.